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Unlock Your DNA Profile and Get the Protection Advice

Life Science Data Empowered InsurTech Platform

Predictive Advice
It’s never too early to be aware and take action. Some common health risks like heart disease and stroke are inherited and passed down through families due to a change (or mutation) in one or more of our genes. Finding out early if you’re genetically at risk of developing certain health conditions, it can help you prevent them from manifesting later in life.
Insurance Coverage
Because you share your genes with your family, knowing whether you’re at risk can help your loved ones take proactive care of their own health including disease prevention, early detection, and insurance planning. A comprehensive and in-depth insurance coverage is the best solution for you and your family.

Key Features

AI Insurance Recommendation
based on DNA test result

Instance Price Quotation and
Performance Comparison

On-line Proposal and
Financial Planning

Online & offline Insurance
Advisor Education

How It Works?
1. Aware
Unlock your DNA profile for insurance planning and redefine your own future

2. Recommend
AI recommend the insurance solution including life protection, medical expenses or critical illness based on personal status

3. Educate
Online expert provides product education, price and performance comparison, online proposal and financial planning

4. Apply
Licensed Advisor helps client to complete the insurance application

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