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About Us ...
MyLife Network is a startup that integrates life science data into the InsurTech database to provide smart insurance planning. We partner with genetic testing companies and offer services to make use of genetic profiles for insurance recommendations which are commensurate with consumer status.
Create awareness for people to realize the importance of life insurance and help them get life protection. We are changing a massive industry by making insurance shopping smarter, friendlier and more transparent for consumers.

Our Story!
Joey, was a bright and young investment banker. Because of her work nature, she always needed to work long hours and under stress. One day she got sick and got diagnosed with breast cancer stage 4.
Unfortunately, she did not discover it until too late for the medication. Even if she spent a million dollar on medication, the survival rate was around 30%.
After I heard this heart breaking story, I asked myself is there any effective way to help people to get protection. How could we provide advice to those people so that they could have the opportunity to reshape or redefine their own life before they got sick.
In order to provide maximum protection, I believe that predictive advice and insurance planning together are essential.

Tim Lo
CEO and Co-Founder
Why Choose Us?
Online and Offline Advisor
We focus on professional advice through online education but not pushy sales. Offline explanation and policy contract signing will be conducted face to face
Obtain your knowledge, information and advice online seamlessly and won’t get hard sell feelings from agents
One-Stop Shop
Shop at our platform for the hottest products from top insurance companies. Compare price quotation and plan features from our online platform to enjoy one-stop shopping service.
Supercharge the power of referrals to obtain your predictive advice of insurance planning and get rewards.

Contact Us
Rm 13, Level 5, Core F, Cyberport 3, HK
whatsapp: 98796414  facebook: mylife
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